Counseling Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect at my first visit? 

During the initial session we will discuss your current stressors as well as past history as those experiences can contribute to the way we will approach your treatment plan. We understand that it is not easy to open up to a complete stranger so during the first visit it is completely up to you on how much you would like to share. 

What is a treatment plan?

A treatment plan are the goals that we will be working towards. These goals are anything from improving communication with your partner to how to handle walking past the baby section in Target. These goals will be discussed at the initial session, but may change throughout your time in therapy.


Do you accept insurance?

Yes, we currently accept most major insurance plans. Contact the office to check eligibility for in-network coverage as it differs between clinicians. We also except sliding scale self-pay and payment plans. 

Can you prescribe medications?

No,  as LCSW and LPMHC we are not authorized to prescribe medications. However, if you are in need of medication we can assist in connecting you with a local practitioner. 

How long is each session?

Most sessions last 55 minutes. However, you and your Clinician may adjust this time as necessary.