About Us 

At Willow Counseling Services we understand that "just relax" does not always get us what we want. Fertility, Reproductive and Perinatal Health issues can be extremely impactful and devastating to every day life. We believe that during these times it can be helpful to seek support from a mental health clinician to address behavioral health wellness. We are conveniently located in Dover, Delaware and offer individual as well as group psychotherapy to meet the needs of our patients. 

Willow Counseling Services area of clinical emphasis include:  

• infertility and assisted reproduction (IVF, IUI, etc.)

• reproductive health issues, such as

   endometriosis, PCOS, and uterine fibroids

• pregnancy loss or complication

• traumatic birth

• adjustment to parenthood

• premature birth

• NICU support and processing

• postpartum depression and anxiety 
• general depression and anxiety 

When To Seek Counseling

Often people lean on their closest friends and family during difficult moments of their lives, but sometimes that is just not enough. Needing additional support while struggling with infertility, perinatal mood disorders or reproductive issues is completely normal. Research shows that women experiencing emotional pain stemming from infertility is similar to those dealing with cancer, HIV, and chronic pain. Some indicators of needing additional support include: overwhelming and persistent thoughts regarding the issue, anxieties, social isolation, conflict within relationships as well as thoughts of suicide or death. Contact Willow Counseling Services to speak to a clinician if you are unsure if counseling is right for you. We are happy to discuss how counseling may be beneficial to you.